The Manifesto

“The American dream has run out of gas. It no longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams, its fantasies. It supplies the world with its nightmares now.” – JG Ballard

Anthropocentrism has become the centre of our ethical gravity. It is dying a painful and protracted death, but it is most certainly dying. Technological hyper-acceleration has conscripted upon society a fundamental binary choice. Do we act today to architect the elemental foundation required for an irrepressible 21st Century renaissance or do we continue to reconstruct a fable that has concluded with the same tragic ending since the dawn of modern human existence?

Our emerging generations; the vast majority of who will build their lives in increasingly crowded, chaotic and competitive communities, are hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one? From ecological exigency, to ongoing and intolerable community inequality; to questions of privacy in an ever-connected world, we have reached a critical point in human history; a state of emergency that requires immediate and collective action.

Highrise is a digital foundation predicated upon the belief that the innovation economy must be reconstructed to serve the future of all of humanity and not just a select few. We believe that in order for this future to be realized, innovation must be purposefully directed to reconcile growth with equality, people with profits, privacy with security and economics with the environment. HIghrise ushers in this new human renaissance by procreating and championing new ideas that help all participants in a purpose economy realize their full potential while contributing to the advancement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Through an intersection of high-impact analog and digital touch points, we propel people into a meaningful dialogue aimed at breaking down the barriers of incumbency and committing to a more equal and enlightened society; a society built on the endless possibilities of technology-driven innovation.