Highrise continues a decade-long tradition of providing humanity with a final remaining forum for frank, independent and thought provoking socio-technological discussion. Time & Life® events are intimate, C-level only black tie exchanges that examine the role of digital in advancing and elevating the human race.

Time & Life® is the only event series in North America that brings start-ups, enterprises, policy makers and venture capitalists together into a single room to examine and help solve the greatest issues facing humanity. Our events are world-renowned for their uncompromising vision, challenging narrative and relentlessly independent focus. The content, speakers, audience and networking opportunities are quite simply unparalleled anywhere on the planet. 

The Highrise Society is composed of some of the greatest minds of our generation and we all work in close collaboration to create a deep, thoughtful, educational and bleeding edge narrative; a codex of content that attracts an extraordinarily senior audience of C-level executives, policy makers and world-changers. We value the impact our content has on advancing the technology ecosystem for the greater good of all of its citizens. As such, sponsored event content, sales pitches and exhibition space are simply not for sale – at any cost.

Our emerging generation is hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one? Can the digital economy be rebooted to serve not just the top 1% but to serve the future of all of humanity? Can we finally reconcile growth with equality, profits with people and economics with the environment? Can innovation finally serve the greater good?



The Canadian Cloud Council is founded in Calgary, Alberta by current CEO and Chair Robert Brennan Hart; with the objective of “advancing Canada’s cloud computing industry and building a more open, competitive and accessible Canadian technology ecosystem.”


The organization is incorporated as a national not-for-profit under Industry Canada. Inaugural board members include Chris Moore, Former CIO of City of Edmonton; Javier Lozano, Former CIO of Calgary Airport Authority; Jim Clarke, Former CIO of Savanna Energy; Martin Kratz, Senior Partner at Bennett Jones and Alistair Croll, Founding Parter of Year One Labs. The organization hosts its first two major conferences in Edmonton and Ottawa and becomes recognized as Canada’s preeminent cloud industry association by Forbes, Toronto Star, The National Post and other major media publications.


The Council hosts its third major conference “Cloud Matters” in Banff, Alberta and is recruited by the Treasury Board of Canada to develop a substantial set of policy recommendations related to the Government of Canada’s long term cloud computing legislation. John Cousens, VP Public Sector Canada at SalesForce, and Canadian Cloud Council board member presents these recommendations to the House of Commons; several of which become foundational components of the government’s long term cloud roadmap; even to this day. Robert Brennan Hart is named as one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 as a result of his work the the council.


The Cloud Factory, one of the most notable technology conferences ever held in Canada is staged by The Council in Banff and kicks off a long continuum of globally recognized events. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMWare and Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat deliver public keynotes in Canada for the very first time along with Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board of Canada and the CTO’s of PayPal and NY Times. The event’s open source friendly debate is covered in TechCrunch and VentureBeat and VMware joins the OpenStack Foundation immediately following the event; forever shifting the shape and evolution of the foundation.


The Canadian Cloud Council launches Interzone; one of the most well attended independent enterprise technology conferences in the history of Canada. Steve Wozniak, the CEO’s of Citrix, WorkDay, NetApp and CTO’s of Twitter, Harvard University and GoDaddy all speak at the conference and Robert Brennan Hart is recognized by the United Nation’s Foundation as one of the globe’s Top 70 Digital Leaders; a designation he still holds today.


The second edition of Interzone is held in Vancouver; featuring the CEO’s of SAP and Hootsuite and the Mayor of Vancouver. SAP’s investment in the Vancouver community is accelerated as a result of the conversations at the event. The Council continues to be recognized as a major industry leader in the media; with several major publications being released in The Toronto Star, Sync, National Post and others.


After expanding the organization’s digital council across the globe and recruiting Robert Herjavec as honorary event chair, the Canadian Cloud Council returned to Edmonton for the inaugural edition of the association’s new flagship event – Control. Control brought to to the stage the presidents of Ceridian and Palo Alto Networks and Former CTO of US Department of Homeland Security and will be coming to Calgary in November. Control is one of the last remaining live forums for independent, unbiased and unfiltered discussions about the future of technology and is quickly becoming the preeminent enterprise technology event in Canada. 


Highrise hosts the opening chapter of “Read and Burn”; a black tie exchange about the future of Alberta’s economy in Edmonton.  The company is born out of a shared mission to reconstruct the digital economy to serve the future of all of humanity.


Steve Wozniak [Cofounder, Apple]
Bill McDermot [CEO, SAP]
Bruce Croxon [Founder, Lavalife; CBC’s Dragon’s Den]
Hon. Gregor Robertson [Mayor, City of Vancouver]
Mark Templeton [CEO, Citrix]
Pat Gelsinger [CEO, VMware]
Jim Whitehurst [CEO, RedHat]
Michelle Dennedy [CPO, Cisco]
Michelle Zatlyn [CoFounder, Cloudflare]
James Barrese [CTO, Paypal]


New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Toronto Star
Calgary Sun
Sync Magazine
Alberta Venture
Media Planet
Venture Beat


A Penthouse Partnership for the entire Time & Life® event series costs $75,000 CAD and includes all of the following core benefits to all 2019 events:

— Title sponsorship recognition on event website, media material and onsite signage

— Closing keynote presentation (C-Level only)

— Three additional full event passes

— Three 1:1 Highrise facilitated executive meetings

— Interview with keynote speaker in IT World Canada, Betakit or other major digital publication

— Full planning of event including post-event cocktail reception for all guests with cocktails, hors d’ourvers and live DJ entertainment 

— Full planning of optional VIP luncheon or dinner (hard costs of food and beverage to be billed to sponsor)

Fully customizable media and community partnerships also available. Prices listed do not include applicable taxes and processing fees.


A Mezzanine Partnership for a single Time & Life® event is $10,000 CAD and includes all of the following core benefits:

— Corporate sponsorship recognition on event website and onsite signage

— Keynote presentation -OR- 1:1 fireside presentation and media feature

— The Embassy Luncheon. An exclusive, invitation-only luncheon for up to 20 of the events highest profile guests of honour

— One additional full event pass

— One 1:1 Highrise facilitated customer meeting

Prices listed do not include applicable taxes and processing fees.


An Elevator Partnership for a single Time & Life® event is $5,000 CAD and includes all of the following core benefits:

— Corporate sponsorship recognition on event website and onsite signage

— Participation in industry roundtable discussion

— One 1:1 Highrise facilitated customer meeting

Prices listed do not include applicable taxes and processing fees.


Time & Life’s exclusive dinner celebration is a legendary gathering of the best and brightest minds of our generation.

Starting at $10,000 CAD, we will plan, organize and curate a once-in-a-lifetime dinner celebration for up to 25 targeted guests. Many a lifelong relationship have been formulated and carved in stone over dinner and a glass of wine and past guests have included: Steve Wozniak and the CEO’s of SAP, Red Hat, Citrix, Hootsuite, Ceridian and Palo Alto Networks. Be here now, as they say.

Prices listed do not include applicable taxes and processing fees.


Meet and mingle with some of the boldest and most recognizable innovators, policy makers and change agents leading the digital economy. Our intimate and very upscale post-event cocktail parties are recognized globally for formulating life-long friendships, partnerships and even new, world-changing ventures.

Where else in the world can you share a glass of wine with the likes of Steve Wozniak, Bill McDermott and Robert Herjavec?


Let’s go for a coffee or get on the phone and have a real-life, collaborative conversation about how your organization can extract the most possible value of your event and media budget this year. Gone are the days of one size fits all, cookie cutter sponsorship programs that provide nominal value to no-one in particular. Many of our media projects are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and many of our event speakers and attendees you will never have the opportunity to meet again.

Now is your chance to act, educate, engage and (re)position your brand as a one of enterprise technology’s true industry leaders. Every second counts.

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